:..February 12-15, 2019 :..Warsaw–Białowieża, Poland

27 Feb 2019  Recording of the 1st conference plenary lecture
is available see below

2 Mar 2019   The support of conference resolution is closed
Finally we collected 403 signatures  » see

Plenary lectures

Prof. David Lindenmayer  "Key issues associated with multiple interacting disturbances in natural forests"

Conference resolution

Final signatories count: 403 persons     See EN or PL version of the resolution with all singnatures

The conference closed 13th January 2019 with the Resolution "Białowieża Forest: Hands off and eyes on!" (see PL version). The Resolution urges to stop all forestry operations immediately and to protect the whole Białowieża Forest as a National Park. Scientists also encouraged authorities to implement a conservation strategy based on science and on the protection of ecological processes and to develop a program for the sustainable development of the local communities. » more

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Forests at risk: Białowieża and beyond - International conference
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